Following up on the Night Out Miami post, here’s a sum of what we did the following night! This was my favorite night of all…

We started off the night with dinner at Hakkasan, a super trendy Chinese restaurant we were dying to try, followed by an amazing time at the nightclub LIV. Since both Hakkasan and LIV are located within the Fontainbleau hotel, we didn’t have to worry about driving from the restaurant to the club (big plus in Miami). Parking around these popular areas can be pretty stressful at night, not to mention how expensive valet parking is in all of these clubs and restaurants.

I wore a black lace dress (Zara), black clutch (YSL) and my ubber comfy suppa high black platforms (Steve Madden). They never fail me. Nothing pisses me off more than having to end the night because of my feet.

To add come color and miamifeelings to this all black look, I wore a pair of gold and turquoise earrings. I barely wear big earrings during winter but when summer comes along I think they really add a special touch to neutral colored looks.

My girlies right before leaving the house


Hakkasan serves modern Cantonese dishes customized to make use of the best local ingredients. The idea is to eat “family style”, so everyone shares a bunch of different dishes. We didn’t really know that at first, so we ordered one dish each and one side order of rice to share amongst us four. Once the dishes arrived we realized they weren’t individual portion sizes, so we decided to share everything! It ended up being a good amount of food (borderline too much), but the best part was that we all got to try a variety of amazing dishes.

Check out the gorgeous décor and some pictures of the dished we ordered!

Beautiful carved teak walls and turquoise details

Now the food….

Assorted dim sums to share as a starter (there were actually much more.. but I only remembered to take a picture mid way through)

Crispy chicken with tangerine sauce

Sliced sauteed duck with vegetables

Grilled cod marinated in sweet sauce

Crispy shredded beef tenderloin

Side of fried rice

Delicious food, great atmosphere and beautiful decor. I recommend trying this place out.


Hakkasan Miami
Fontainebleau Resort
4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach FL 33140



Daaaang that was a long post. Movie time.






Before arriving in NY I was a bit worried that the cold weather would keep me from spotting some amazing street style looks. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised. Even during chilly gray winter days, New Yorkers always have their cool on. Whether it’s an awesome coat, some serious layering expertise, or a killer pair of boots… it doesn’t take much to transform a somewhat bland winter outfit into something visually interesting.

The origami/envelope inspired pattern on this black coat popped out and caught my attention from a distance. Her outfit is pretty sober and basic, making the coat the center of attention. It works as an accessory for the whole look.

Leggings are pretty much part of my body during winter. So easy to wear and I definitely think a black pair slims down bulky winter outfits (your upper body might look like a snowball, but at least your legs don’t).  Apart from the traditional spandex, cotton, and leather leggings, I definitely think it’s worth checking out some leggings with different textures and prints. It can give that boring black look some personality.

Mohair vest + knit scarf = beautiful play on texture

Seems like parka jackets are still around… Don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I love his rolled up stained pants.
For those of you who are not fans or wearing real fur, faux fur coats are a great option (not to mention they are much cheaper and easier to clean).





British top model Lily Donaldson has a basic yet feminine style that I find super attractive. I love it how her looks are usually a combination of soft and harsh materials. She adds edge to delicate blouses by layering on an interesting mix between leather, fur, checkered shirts and parka jackets.

Notice how she repeats clothing items such as her leather jacket, fur vest and white t-shirt several times, yet she manages to create totally different looks. Goes to show that you don’t always need to wear something different or completely new to be stylish and innovative. It’s all about changing it up and finding staple pieces that can be styled into various different looks.






Here are some pics right before leaving the house for a night out in Miami with the girls. We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant named Cecconi’s followed by clubbing at Mynt and Wall. Apart from Mynt (crowded, crappy club layout, so so music), the night was perfect.

When I travel, I like keeping things simple and light. I find it best to pack clothes that can be worn in various different looks and that don’t take up too much space or get too wrinkled. Since the weather in Miami was worn, I decided to wear this skirt which I had originally bought for new years. Although this black tank appears to be pretty basic, it’s made from a shiny and silky material which makes it dressy.
I got these earings before leaving Sao Paulo at Anarella. They have a pretty large selection of earings, rings and necklaces. Worth checking out if you like some bling and you’re in Sao Paulo. It’s also a great place to buy gifts since the product and price range is pretty broad.

Lu wore a black tube dress with a basic white t-shirt over it. I have a similar black dress and I love it since you can wear it in so many different ways. It can be worn as a dress, skirt, top… everything! When you’re traveling it’s a great clothing item to have since it doesn’t take up space and it’s super versatile.

Love this All Saints ruffled clutch

Ste dressed up a pair of basic black skinny jeans and a white tank top with DVF sandals, a leather wrist cuff and a gray Carolina Herrera leather purse.

I found it worth posting some pictures of Cecconi’s to show you all how gorgeous the decoration and the lighting is, as well as the delicious food. This is a super romantic restaurant, perfect for a date. The little Christmas looking lights on the trees makes the place look magical at night.

Take a look!

As for the food, the portions are pretty small so I recommend ordering starters. I had the “Ricotta cavatelli, mushroom & black truffle” dish. SUPER yum.

Here’s my crappy picture:

It looks so much more appetizing in person. Promise.

Since practically everyone ordered the same thing, I found a few pictures of other dishes to give you all an idea of what they serve.

Missing Miami already!





I’ve developed a new obsession with the french brand, IRO. Launched in 2002 by brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton, IRO quickly became a success amongst worldwide fashionistas. Their main focus is to create current and feminine garments through the use of lightweight fabrics and prints. What I love about the brand is that the clothes are super wearable and casual, yet there is an effortlessly cool vibe about them that I find essential for everyday clothes.

Check out IRO’s spring/summer 2012 collection and salivate.

A-MA-ZING right? I would buy absolutely every look if I could. I found the styling impeccable.

Although you can only find official IRO stores here in France, their distribution reaches over 16 countries all over the world. Check out their website to find out more!





It’s impossible to walk around NY without snapping pictures of interesting people along the way. I find it the most inspiring city ever… especially when it comes to fashion. So much creativity and style. I can literally spend my days in NY stalking people for pictures around Soho and drifting into stores.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from my last visit:

Looking amazing in Acne, this girl pulls off denim on denim so well. Not only does the color of her top match her jeans, her matte brown glasses compliment her leather jacket perfectly.

Perfect casual chic outfit. I love an all black look comprised of skinny jeans, a solid colored blouse and ankle boots. The leather sleeves on her coat gives the traditional print a sleek and modern twist. I also like that she picked a structured bag to keep the look classic and composed.

When I walked into Helmut Lang, I found myself paying more attention to the sales people than to the actual clothes. To the left we have one more denim on denim lover sporting super cool high tops and an amazing oversized knit vest. I love it how the guy on the right layered solid pieces to create a basic laid back look that is still stylish due to all the different shapes and drapes created by the layering.

Note: It seems as if buttoned up collars are still super in… both people sporting denim shirts had theirs buttoned up. I think it makes the look appear more composed and proper… but you have to make sure it doesn’t look too tight. I personally think buttoned up shirts look best on people with slim faces since it really shortens the neck. 

Missing NY street style already… wish I could have been there for Fashion Week!





One of the best things about going back to São Paulo is getting together with friends for meals at our all time favorite restaurants. Although I have a list of the top 10 restaurants I crave and make it a MUST to visit during my stays, I’m always willing and curious to try new out new hot spots.

I was very pleased when my dad introduced me to this cute new restaurant named NOU located in the Pinheiros neighborhood. The place is cozy, pleasant and super young… perfect to go for a chill dinner with a small group of friends. If it’s a nice day I recommend sitting in the charming outdoor area.

The menu is absolutely mouth watering… it was super hard to pick just one plate!  There are plenty of food options ranging from hamburgers, salads, seafood, steaks, risotto and pasta… the kind of menu that will please anyone and everyone. What I also loved about the food is that it has that “home cooked” touch, yet with a sophisticated twist and beautiful presentation. I highly recommend ordering the milanese steak served with lime risotto.

Looks good right?? I’m so hungry now!


Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 419

Pinheiros – São Paulo

Tel: 2609-6939