It’s impossible to walk around NY without snapping pictures of interesting people along the way. I find it the most inspiring city ever… especially when it comes to fashion. So much creativity and style. I can literally spend my days in NY stalking people for pictures around Soho and drifting into stores.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from my last visit:

Looking amazing in Acne, this girl pulls off denim on denim so well. Not only does the color of her top match her jeans, her matte brown glasses compliment her leather jacket perfectly.

Perfect casual chic outfit. I love an all black look comprised of skinny jeans, a solid colored blouse and ankle boots. The leather sleeves on her coat gives the traditional print a sleek and modern twist. I also like that she picked a structured bag to keep the look classic and composed.

When I walked into Helmut Lang, I found myself paying more attention to the sales people than to the actual clothes. To the left we have one more denim on denim lover sporting super cool high tops and an amazing oversized knit vest. I love it how the guy on the right layered solid pieces to create a basic laid back look that is still stylish due to all the different shapes and drapes created by the layering.

Note: It seems as if buttoned up collars are still super in… both people sporting denim shirts had theirs buttoned up. I think it makes the look appear more composed and proper… but you have to make sure it doesn’t look too tight. I personally think buttoned up shirts look best on people with slim faces since it really shortens the neck. 

Missing NY street style already… wish I could have been there for Fashion Week!




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4 Comments on “ON THE STREETS NYC”

  1. First time here, had to leave a comment. Love your looks, and how well you can describe other people’s looks. And specially your perfect English! =) Most of brazilian blogger don’t speak English fluently, so it was a great surprise reading your blog… Beijos! MaH

  2. I’m surprised how well these people pulled off denim on denim, it’s a tricky concept. Kudos for capturing it!

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