Before arriving in NY I was a bit worried that the cold weather would keep me from spotting some amazing street style looks. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised. Even during chilly gray winter days, New Yorkers always have their cool on. Whether it’s an awesome coat, some serious layering expertise, or a killer pair of boots… it doesn’t take much to transform a somewhat bland winter outfit into something visually interesting.

The origami/envelope inspired pattern on this black coat popped out and caught my attention from a distance. Her outfit is pretty sober and basic, making the coat the center of attention. It works as an accessory for the whole look.

Leggings are pretty much part of my body during winter. So easy to wear and I definitely think a black pair slims down bulky winter outfits (your upper body might look like a snowball, but at least your legs don’t).  Apart from the traditional spandex, cotton, and leather leggings, I definitely think it’s worth checking out some leggings with different textures and prints. It can give that boring black look some personality.

Mohair vest + knit scarf = beautiful play on texture

Seems like parka jackets are still around… Don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I love his rolled up stained pants.
For those of you who are not fans or wearing real fur, faux fur coats are a great option (not to mention they are much cheaper and easier to clean).




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One Comment on “MERCER”

  1. Bruna Zarzur Cury says:

    Loved it Le. O primeiro look ta demais! Beijo

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