Here are some pics right before leaving the house for a night out in Miami with the girls. We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant named Cecconi’s followed by clubbing at Mynt and Wall. Apart from Mynt (crowded, crappy club layout, so so music), the night was perfect.

When I travel, I like keeping things simple and light. I find it best to pack clothes that can be worn in various different looks and that don’t take up too much space or get too wrinkled. Since the weather in Miami was worn, I decided to wear this skirt which I had originally bought for new years. Although this black tank appears to be pretty basic, it’s made from a shiny and silky material which makes it dressy.
I got these earings before leaving Sao Paulo at Anarella. They have a pretty large selection of earings, rings and necklaces. Worth checking out if you like some bling and you’re in Sao Paulo. It’s also a great place to buy gifts since the product and price range is pretty broad.

Lu wore a black tube dress with a basic white t-shirt over it. I have a similar black dress and I love it since you can wear it in so many different ways. It can be worn as a dress, skirt, top… everything! When you’re traveling it’s a great clothing item to have since it doesn’t take up space and it’s super versatile.

Love this All Saints ruffled clutch

Ste dressed up a pair of basic black skinny jeans and a white tank top with DVF sandals, a leather wrist cuff and a gray Carolina Herrera leather purse.

I found it worth posting some pictures of Cecconi’s to show you all how gorgeous the decoration and the lighting is, as well as the delicious food. This is a super romantic restaurant, perfect for a date. The little Christmas looking lights on the trees makes the place look magical at night.

Take a look!

As for the food, the portions are pretty small so I recommend ordering starters. I had the “Ricotta cavatelli, mushroom & black truffle” dish. SUPER yum.

Here’s my crappy picture:

It looks so much more appetizing in person. Promise.

Since practically everyone ordered the same thing, I found a few pictures of other dishes to give you all an idea of what they serve.

Missing Miami already!




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4 Comments on “NIGHT OUT MIAMI”

  1. Adorei o look! Sou super adepta das peças mas básicas que combinam entre si, principalmente pra levar na mala… Beijos!

  2. lola says:

    muy guapas! hahaha

  3. John Lennon says:


  4. Bruna Zarzur Cury says:

    Ameeeei girls! Hahaha que saudades!! Le love your blog. Beijo, Bru

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