Meet my friend Maria, the biggest shoe lover I know. Not only is she obsessed with buying crazy shoes (her favorite shoe store is Studio TMLS in Sao Paulo- which I also love) she also loves to display them in her room. She adores her heels so much that she designed a “shrine” to showcase her most exotic pairs. While attending her birthday dinner, she casually took me to her room to show me her latest acquisitions… as we walked into the pitch black room, all I could see was this insanely bright glass cabinet filled with heels… I’m not talking about the standard black, brown and nude pumps… her “shrine” is reserved for ornamental heels only. VIP only. Pearls, feathers, glitter, fur, flowers… you name it… and the higher, the better. That’s when I realized a whole new dimension to her shoe fetish.

Check it out!

Super fun right?




8 Comments on “SHOE MANIA”

  1. Ma carta says:

    Adorei le! as fotos ficaram lindasss e realmente essa colecao da ma eh MUITO bacana!!! =)

  2. Julia says:

    Wow! I loved the way she displays the shoes, sorry, art pieces.


  3. MARIA AUGUSTA says:

    I knew new my passion was something quite exquisite, but I never thought it would end up on the internet!! hahah AMEI!!

  4. Oh my, that girl has taste! Feeling jealous right now…


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