I was sooo happy yesterday when I walked out of my thesis presentation and had my dear friends surprise me with thoughtful little gifts. Nour gave me this HILARIOUS “almost famous” Lolita martini glass to celebrate and Jovana gave me a box of yummy Ferrero Roche chocolates (one of my favorites!). Look how cute!

I took these pictures at 1:30pm so had to fake this little “happy hour” situation haha

How funny is the little furry pom pom on the bottom??

I think the packaging of a gift really makes a massive difference. I absolutely loved this little black can with all of these adorable mini martini glasses. It’s so cute I will keep it in the house to store other small things. (This is what’s left of my chocolate box hihi)

Each martini glass has a different recipe on the bottom of the glass. Thoughtful detail right?

Since Christmas is almost here and I am sure we are all freaking out about getting everyone presents, I thought about suggesting these Lolita martini glasses. They have soooo many different themes and hand painted designs. Apart from martini glasses they also sell wine and champagne glasses, mugs and other useful things. Perfect little gift for your friends =)

Super cool option. It would actually be cool to own a set of these for hosting dinner parties.

This one CRACKED me up. So dramatic and tacky I love it.

If you want something super “Christmas-ish”, this is a cute option.

Thank you girlies for being so thoughtful!

Check out the Lolita website for more options! They only downside is that they only ship within the USA, but they are distributed to a variety of stores internationally.




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